Friday, August 13, 2010

A New Use for Blue Whales?

So I thought this was pretty cool…and potentially diabolical! According to this Article the power of blue whales can be harnessed for evil deeds! As many of us know, blue whales have perfect pitch. Blue whales create a sad song that always hits the same low note, 16.02 hertz.

This puts the whales in the infrasonic range which can be very dangerous to humans. It’s been demonstrated that tones below 20Hz can cause changes in human blood pressure, breathing and balance. It can even bring about feelings anger or depression and in some cases cause visual hallucinations.

The evolutionary advantage of emitting this tone for other whales is unclear. But, I can think of no sweeter method for swaying future IWC proceedings, than using this mind-bending whale-song. Now to bring enough krill to the next meeting to lure in the whales - muahaha!