Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blue August

If you have never checked out the Planet Green channel (a division of Discovery), this is the month to do it! They have made August, “Blue August”. Hosted by Philippe and Akexandra Cousteau, it is an entire month devoted to ocean-themed programming. All month long, around prime time, Planet Green will be featuring ocean documentaries like the acclaimed Blue Planet series, as well as ocean-themed versions of their shows like Time Warp and Operation Wild. They are also featuring special reports on major ocean news, especially the gulf spill. Be sure to watch this Sunday night as their show Oceans Blue is having a special devoted to Antarctica and the Southern Oceans.

You should watch the TV channel, but also check out Planet Green's Blue August website. They feature various clips from their shows and the Cousteaus. There are also neat quizzes to test your ocean IQ and special features to help teach about issues like Ocean Acidification or the great ‘Trash Island’.