Friday, April 20, 2012

Down-Time Down South

What do Antarctic scientists do when they are not running tests or taking measurements? At the German research station “Neumayer III”, the team of the Alfred Wegener Institute has a fitness studio, TV, books and Internet access. But the 9 researchers, who will be spending the entire Antarctic winter down near the South Pole, came up with another creative way to spend their free time: They are building a 1 to 60 model of their own research station, entirely out of Lego blocks! The manufacturer provided the scientists with 65 pounds of white, blue and red pieces, and the project has its own room dedicated to it as the station is not staffed to capacity during the winter months.

Of course, the scientists are mostly busy running experiments and collecting data, but now they can gather over this creative group project after a long day’s work in the freezing cold. You might as well consider it part of their PR efforts – the model will be shipped back to Germany in the spring to be displayed in Lego’s amusement park.

Written by Paula Senff, Intern

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