Friday, March 11, 2011

Bruliam wines and Antarctica - a great combination!

Recently, we learned about a wine company that sponsors a contest wherein fans of the wine can win money for the charity of their choice by wearing the company's shirts in exotic locales. One fan, Jana Hirschenbein, submitted a photo of herself wearing the shirt in Antarctica, and donated the proceeds from her win to our organization. We're honored to be the beneficiary of her win, and are quite impressed that Bruliam actually gives all their profits to charity, not just a bit here and there for photo contest winners! Looks like they make good wine, too.

We're also a bit jealous of Jana's photo backdrop (i.e., the Antarctic peninsula). Just because you work for an Antarctic organization doesn't mean you get to go to Cuverville Island and enjoy breathtaking scenery. In any case, we're very pleased with Jana's combination of two great things - good wine and the Antarctic wilderness.

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Bruliam said...

Hi guys -
Thanks for the mention. We were happy to help out. And congrats to Jana for putting this all together.
-Brian Overstreet, Bruliam Wines.