Monday, January 11, 2010

Stop littering. Seriously.

Saw a post over at the Marine Conservation Blog about the photography of Chris Jordan. He's been taking pictures about what happens to that bit of trash you left on the beach. It killed a baby albatross.

Well, actually, if you're reading this blog you're probably not a litterer. But if you know any litterers, perhaps show them these pictures and see what they think. When I go to the beach, I often pick up trash as I walk along, even though the normal humans who are picking up shells look at me like I'm a bit nuts. It just kills me to think of an animal dying because some human couldn't muster up the energy to properly dispose of his trash. So let's show people the consequences of carelessness. Jordan took his photographs 2000 miles from any continent in the remote Midway Atoll.

Photo copyright Chris Jordan


Roxy said...

That's pretty nasty. But a very effective way to get the message across. Litterers are a huge source of frustration - the worst kind by far are smokers. They seem to think there's no problem with throwing away a butt, tossing it out their car window or simple to the ground and tread on it. Trouble is, if they're so unconcerned with cigarette butts you just know they're as nonchalant with other litter.

serenity said...

This is a nasty picture but it shows a great example not to litter.