Friday, January 22, 2010

Antarctica wind farm up and running

We mentioned before that a wind farm would soon be up and running in Antarctica - and now it is! You can check out some videos of the farm on our YouTube channel, provided courtesy of Cody Meyer, The Antarctic Cowboy. It's pretty nifty. Along with Belgium's zero-emissions research station, this is a great development for Antarctica, and a great example for the rest of us.


bonequinhoda bic said...

Little brother thankyou for the info about "end of the line"...I´m going to watch it right now !!!

Wild Bill Cody said...
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Wild Bill Cody said...

I spoke with the leads behind the wind farm project and I asked them, when will we see McMurdo 100%off-grid and can this be applied to the Arctic? Their response was that it is feasible to go 100% off-grid, but it will take time to integrate the new technologies into our diesel power grid, they are hopeful. Solar power, hydrothermal (from Mt. Erebus), and methane capture (from food waste)are three other renewables being looked at aside to wind. The wind farm here is unique due to the volcanic soil it sits on, it's foundation is one of it's kind. The turbines also have to face extreme cold, volcanic dust, and ice. They are already planning to build wind energy systems like the Ross Island wind farm in Alaska. If we can do it here we can do it anywhere.