Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Man in Antarctica

ASOC is pleased to have been contacted by Cody Meyer, aka Antarctic Cowboy, who works as a chef at McMurdo and is very interested in Antarctic conservation and off-grid living when he's not busy feeding hungry scientists. He's even started an Antarctic Conservation League for his fellow McMurdo-ites.

From Cody's updates, it appears that a welcome effort to keep research stations sustainable is underway. Whether briefing staffers on ways to conserve resources or installing wind farms, it appears that the old days of assuming that there were so few people in Antarctica that they didn't have to worry about pollution are thankfully over. The Ross Island Wind Farm that went online this year, for example, will eventually supply 100% of Ross Station's energy needs, and 50% of McMurdo's according to Cody.

It's fantastic that there are people like Cody around to spread the word about greener ways of living, especially in fragile environments. He recently gave a presentation in Antarctica explaining his background in sustainable, off-grid living. Some slides from his presentation below:

Check out Cody's blog post on his adventures in living sustainably. And if you're working in Antarctica, join the Antarctic Conservation League! We at ASOC look forward to hearing more from Cody and the ACL.

One of the wind turbines for the new Ross Island wind turbine, courtesy of Mr. Meyer. In case you were wondering, Antarctica is the windiest place on the planet so it's a no-brainer to use wind power down there, although transporting the equipment does present something of a problem.