Friday, December 12, 2008

Alternatives to Krill Oil

While we at ASOC are not qualified to offer advice on the benefits of krill oil or any kind of fish oil, we were intrigued by an article from a site called The writer of the article is very big on a certain brand of omega-3 rich oil from green-lipped mussels and therefore encourages people to discard krill oil in favor of his preferred brand, citing environmental reasons. He's not exactly an unbiased observer since he sells this oil, but we had not heard about mussels as a source of omega-3 rich oil and were interested to learn of this alternative.

The green-lipped mussel can apparently be farmed with low environmental impact, according to the government of New Zealand, where many of the mussel farms currently are. If it turns out that humans simply must have their omega-3s in the form of fish oil capsules, it is good that krill is not the only source.

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